Bloodthirsty dog tears pregnant cow’s face off in terrifying Highlands attack

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A bloodthirsty dog killed a pregnant cow after biting its face off in a traumatising attack.

Lexi, the Highland cow, suffered a 'traumatic' death after a Rottweiler lunged at the 'soft gentle giant' last week.

Her distraught owners discovered she had her tongue ripped out and face mauled by the beast, writes the Daily Record.

The dog was then shot dead on the site, and its owners are not currently known.

The tragic incident took place on Saturday morning in a field in Quaker Bridge in Brierfield, on January 9.

Owners of BCS Highland Cattle, who saw Lexi more as a pet, have another 32 cows.

Lexi was expected to give birth to her healthy baby boy cow who also sadly died in the attack.

Now the owners – who are heartbroken – are hoping to raise money for cremation costs so they can keep her ashes.

Lexi's previous owner, Charlotte, created a GoFundMe for them.

She said: "Lexi had been horrifically attacked by dog in question and mauled her to death.

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"Her poor face and what a horrible traumatic death for such a soft gentle giant.

"Lexi certainly was one of a kind and had a unique personality which many people adored, she would run down the field as soon as she heard your vehicle and was also very vocal.

"She was also one of the most softest, gentle cows she loved nothing more than giving you cuddles and pinching a carrot of you while you wasn't looking.

"Most definitely a well loved pet more than just an animal.

"The funds in which I am hoping to raise are going towards giving Lexi the send of which we think she all deserves and are hoping to get her cremated to be able to keep her ashes.

"We as a family are devastated."

You can donate to the GoFundMe by clicking here.

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