Bloke stabbed own brother to death in drunken row over how he spoke to his dog

A bloke has been jailed for life after killing his his younger sibling during a "totally insignificant" row about a dog.

William Campbell, who had downed the "lion's share" of 25 vodkas as well as lager, told brother Samuel he didn't like how he was talking to his dog Marley before the pair clashed at the family home in Silksworth, Sunderland.

Their raised voices disturbed their mum, who came downstairs and sought to intervene, a court heard.

But during the dispute, Campbell, who had a history of being violent to Samuel, armed himself with sharp knife from a kitchen drawer and plunged it into his chest with force in a rage.

He stabbed him with enough force to go through his breast bone and into his heart in front of their mum, Chronicle Live reports.

Referring to Mrs Campbell, Judge Paul Sloan QC said: "She says no words could begin to express the impact your actions have had on both her and the rest of the family but as your mother, she pleads for such leniency as the law will permit."

The court heard that Campbell has no previous convictions but a document found on his laptop indicated he had subjected his brother to violence previously.

The 26-year-old council worker, who was convicted of murder after a trial last month, has now been jailed for life and was told he must serve a minimum of 21 years behind bars.

Sentencing Campbell, the judge said: "The argument had been over something totally insignificant but in your drunken state you became frustrated and got it into your head you had a score to settle with your brother."

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Nicholas Lumley QC, defending, said the brothers' father had provided a statement saying they grew up extremely close to each other and used to share a bedroom.

The court heard Campbell has gained employment in prison, where he is a mentor and a "completely trusted prisoner" and has started studying for a degree.

Mr Lumley said: "He speaks of doing good things in his brother's name. He is anxious to be released as soon as my lord feels able but he knows he must do his time."

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