Biden orders Macron to get tough on China – US President to issue ‘real challenge’ to EU

Joe Biden's coordination with EU on China discussed by expert

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Former White House adviser Clete Willems insisted that despite the new Joe Biden administration, problems will persist between the US and EU. While speaking on CNBC, Mr Willems said one of the greatest issues would be China and Xi Jinping. He noted that he had seen the EU falter in its determination to address threats posed by China.

He blamed French President Emmanuel Macron for dialling down his rhetoric against China more recently.

Mr Willems said: “There are still going to be problems between the US and Europe on trade.

“Europe’s digital policies which are very problematic in the states or it is things like buying American like what we are doing.

“Then there is the big one and that is China.

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“I am still quite worried about how well we are going to be able to coordinate here.

“I can tell you that when I was in the White House, we heard the Europeans.

“President Emmanuel Macron would come in and say ‘we have got to work better on China.’

“And now you hear him saying, ‘well I don’t know if we want to single out China’.

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“I do think there are some real challenges there and I think the Biden administration is going to have to do everything it can to raise the European level of ambition.

“I think they are clear-eyed about that challenge but it is a real challenge.”

Mr Willems also commended President Biden for his work so far regarding the EU and explained why he was confident in him going forward.

He said: “I will tell you for one, I really do appreciate the new President’s rhetoric.

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“I do think it is helpful to really try and establish a positive working relationship with Europe.

“I also think the President is right that the G7 is one of the areas we will really need to focus on to do that.

“But I do think some of the happy talk does obscure some of the challenges in that relationship, we are still going to have tension.”

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