BBC Weather: Two air masses to rock UK with rain and snow as temperatures plunge

BBC Weather: UK set for sleet and snow

BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas forecast snow across northern England and Scotland’s hills. She added that lower levels in England and Scotland could also see a couple of centimetres of snow.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “It is going to be cloudy, it is going to be grey and there will be outbreaks of rain.

“There is also some sleet and snow around today but it is mainly across the hills of northern England and into Scotland.

“It is a battle of weather fronts, we have got cold air in the east, making it a chilly start to the day.

“There is much milder air working its way in from the west.

“Where those two air masses meet we have got a weather front which will produce rain.”

She continued: “There is a little bit of sleet and snow developing across higher ground in northern England.

“There is ice, frost and that rain pushing its way gradually through the course of the day.

“Northern Scotland is staying dry for most of the day.

UK weather: Met Office warn for snow and ice

“This evening and overnight we keep a lot of cloud, there will be further outbreaks of patchy rain.”

The BBC meteorologist added: “There is more snow to come across the hills of northern England and Scotland.

“That snow could come down to lower levels, a couple of centimetres are possible.

“Most places will stay just above freezing as we have cloud and milder air.”

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The BBC’s long-range forecast covering the period between Monday, January 18 and Sunday, January 24 read: “There is still a lot of uncertainty on the westward extent of the cold air, and we could see a few cold blasts mixed in with our overall milder, wetter weather.

“As a result, this week is likely to continue to see some volatile swings in temperature along with some wet and windy days.

“Fronts moving in over a cold snap will bring a chance of snow, even to low levels, but it is still too far away to pick out the specifics.

“Confidence is medium on the forecast, mainly due to the uncertainty in the temperatures.

“There is a risk of more widespread cold, as we have seen in previous years with a displaced polar vortex.”

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