BBC Weather: Northern wind to deliver ‘shock to the system’ as temperatures plummet

BBC Weather: Temperatures set to plummet on Sunday

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A Northern wind is set to plummet temperatures across the UK as the breezy conditions deliver a “shock to the system” for the nation.

The weather remains “below average” for the summer period as the predictions for the week ahead warn of showers spreading across the country.

Weather host Louise Lear suggested the conditions would be “certainly disappointing” for Brits anticipating the warm summer months ahead.

In her BBC Weather report, Ms Lear predicted “sharper, frequent showers” across the UK as temperatures dive to single figures.

Speaking for BBC Breakfast, Ms Lear said: “With the wind swinging round in a clockwise direction, that means the wind direction is coming from the North.

“A fairly light wind at the moment, but a cooling source at any time of the year.

“That is going to make it feel cool on those exposed east coasts.”

The east coast of the country is set to suffer the immediate effects of the wind driving in from the north as the breeze sends mercury into decline.

She added: “A few scattered showers, not quite as many in Scotland as recent days, but note we could see a few showers running down through the east.”

As Ms Lear continued her prediction, she suggested thick clouds would also cover much of the nation, blocking any hopes of sunshine improving the lowered temperatures.

“As we go through the evening, we’ll see a little more cloud developing and a few more organised showers moving their way steadily westwards.

“You can see this line of cloud across north-west England, drifting it’s way down through the Isle of Wight into east Wales as we go through the night.

“We keep some shower clouds across those exposed east coasts as well.”

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Ms Lear added:”Temperatures will hold up into high single figures for the start of Sunday morning but it will get a little more breezier and, again, that wind direction coming from the north.”

The expected temperatures for May usually reach at least the mid-teens and continue to rise as the weeks progress into June.

Unfortunately, Ms Lear predicted far lower temperatures for the week ahead as the northern breeze sends chills across the UK.

She said: “Slightly below average temperatures for the time of year and that means that it will be notably cooler.”

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Ms Lear described the report as “certainly disappointing in terms of the feel of the weather.”

She suggested the coast of the nation will reach only 11 or 12 degree celsius at its peak, with a national high of just 15 degrees.

Ms Lear said: “We haven’t had those temperatures for quite some time, so it could be a bit of a shock to the system.”

The week ahead is set to begin with “more organised spells of showery rain” as the UK heads towards the bank holiday weekend.

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