BBC Weather: Europe flood warning issued as continent battered by torrential rainfall

BBC Weather forecaster Susan Powell explained that Europe will experience unsettled weather over the next few days. She claimed weather fronts will move in from the Atlantic Ocean and move across the continent. This will cause heavy rainfall and parts of northern Europe are at risk of flooding as a result.

Ms Powell said: “The weather picture across northern Europe is looking very unsettled in the coming days.

“An area of low pressure showing up as a beautiful curl of cloud on the latest satellite picture.

“This is causing a lot of problems in terms of producing a lot of heavy rainfall, particularly on Wednesday.

“There is some torrential rain possible for some southern areas as the showers move across towards the Balkans.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster explained that in eastern Europe the weather is considerably better.

Ms Powell said the weather will be dry and bright in Turkey with temperatures above 20C.

She added that through Wednesday and the rest of the week the showers will move from central and northern Europe towards the eastern countries like Turkey and Greece.

She continued: “Further west there will be another pair of weather fronts coming in on Thursday.

“This will promise wet and windy weather later on in the day and adding to that unsettled pattern.

“For the northern half of Europe into Thursday will see more heavy rain.

“We could see some local problems here with flooding.”

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The weather forecaster closed by saying that across Europe the weather is expected to improve by the end of the week.

Temperatures begin to rise in central Europe and the days are expected to become drier.

London can expect a high of 20C next week on Monday after a low of 13C this week.

Paris’ temperatures are expected to skyrocket to 26C on Monday with clear skies as well.

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