Barmy Brit in Afghanistan tells Taliban he’s Welsh not English to avoid trouble

A barmy British bloke travelling in Afghanistan has said that he was able to “walk away” from being questioned by the Taliban because he said he was Welsh, not English.

‘Lord’ Miles Routledge, who has built a name for himself touring areas of conflict and violence, has claimed that he had a close encounter with the Taliban and was only able to get out of it by fibbing about where he is from.

Speaking on The Aubservation podcast, he discussed being in the Middle Eastern country in the days following the ousted organisation’s return to power after western forces pulled out.

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Sitting in a chair holding a plush-looking cushion with lush green trees behind, Miles, from Birmingham, said: “I got questioned by the Taliban for a good minute at one point and they were kind of… cornering me and I just talked my way out of it.

“And it was so satisfying to get away by just walking away from them,” he continued. “They cornered me after the takeover and they asked me ‘are you British’? Giving me this evil look.

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“And I go, ‘Oh, no, no, no, I’m Welsh.’

“And they don't know where Wales is, so they go, ‘You’re Welsh? What’s this?’

“And I go, ‘Oh it’s a country next to England – We’re occupied by England’. Then I go ‘one struggle brother, we’ve been invaded by England like you.’

“And they look at me and just start smiling, pat me on the back and send me on the way and tell me to enjoy my stay.”

The 22-year-old, also called Birmingham the Detroit of the UK on the podcast and has travelled to a host of dangerous locations for what he has described in the past as “research” and “independent journalism”.

He has built a sizeable following online with over 120,000 followers on Twitter, while also drawing criticism from others who question his need to attend violent struggles around the world.


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