Baby girl, 4 months old, dies after being found with large dog on top of her

A four-month-old baby girl has passed away after reports of a dog found lying on top of her.

Crews responded to a report of a baby who was unconscious and not breathing on New Year's Eve.

Cops were called at around 7pm local time, reporting a dog had been found lying on top of her.

The Montgomery County Coroner's Office identities the infant as Raelynn Larrison of Dayton, Ohio.

Neighbour Lonnie Dapier said: "It’s a horrible thing if you can’t control an animal. In the first place, children that young shouldn’t have a vicious dog or a big dog like that around them.

"God bless that child and I just hope they get that dog taken care of one way or the other so it won’t injure anyone else."

It's believed the infant was found unresponsive by her father who woke up from a nap, states Dayton247.

The father allegedly told dispatchers: "The puppy was lying on her and I just now noticed it."

Her cause of death is still under investigation and an autopsy will be performed, writes WHIO news.

Dispatchers could not confirm whether or not the incident was the result of an 'attack'.

Further information on the dog's breed has also not been released.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with Raelynn's death, the Metro reports.

The baby was rushed to hospital by paramedics where she was later pronounced dead.

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