All passengers survive dramatic crash landing at international airport

Moment passenger jet careers off runway after crash landing at international airport – with everyone on board surviving

  • A plane crashed dramatically in Somalia, apparently after its landing gear failed
  • Despite the horror crash, all 30 passengers and four crew on board survived

This is the astonishing moment a passenger plane crash landed at Mogadishu’s international airport.

Video captured the jet’s dramatic slide across the runway in Somalia as the pilot wrestled to safely land the plane at Aden Adde airport on 11 July.

Despite the startling accident, all 30 passengers and four crew members on board were reported to have survived, with just two ‘minor injuries’ needing treatment.

The crash was reported to have been caused by a faulty landing gear.

Footage shows the plane hurtling across the landing strip and smashing through a bordering wall.

Image shows the plane sliding across the runway, reportedly after a landing gear issue

The plane, reportedly affected by a tailwind, spins around as it approaches the border fence

As the plane careers across the runway, its wing makes contact with the fence, sending the plane into a spin.

The back end of the plane then hits the fence and brings it to a dramatic stop.

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Parts of the plane appear to come loose and are thrown out beyond the hard border. 

Footage of the aftermath showed the extent of damage to the Halla Airlines jet.

The fuselage appears broken from the back and, from another angle, the cockpit appears to have come apart.

Video also showed a fire engine and emergency workers on the scene afterwards.

The plane is understood to have been on a domestic flight from Puntland, northern Somalia. 

Somali state media later confirmed that the Halla Airlines plane indeed skidded off the runway. 

Industry insiders have named the plane as an Embraer EMB 120, as reported in The Express. 

Flight Global noted that conditions were good at the time, with ‘good visibility’ but 17kt winds from south-southwest, which they say would have generated a ‘tailwind’.

On 18 July 2022, a Fokker 50 operated by Jubba Airways similarly crashed at Aden Abbe International Airport in Mogadishu, with all 36 on board surviving.

While landing, the plane’s wind hit the ground and separated, causing the plane to roll and skid off the runway.

US army personnel were coincidentally on hand, undergoing medical training, and were able to help evacuate the passengers.

The Halla Airlines plane is pictured having crashed into the wall around the runway

MailOnline contacted Halla Airlines for comment. 

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