Airbnb guest left furious after host threatens to charge for dog hair

A furious Airbnb guest has told how they faced an extra cleaning charge for leaving dog hair at a “pet-friendly” home. A woman named Maddie posted a complaint after staying at the “Travel Haus”, a property branded as a “stunning cottage in German village”. Turning to social media, she explained that, despite being initially pleased with the high-rated location, she was left disgruntled following a message from the home’s owner.

Writing on Twitter, the user posted an exchange between herself and the unnamed property runner.

She said she booked a stay at the 4.96-rated Airbnb home in Columbus, Ohio, for herself and her German Shepherd pup, Judge, after seeing it was pet-friendly.

In her post, Maddie said that, after checking out, she received a message from the host asking her for a fee after their cleaner found “pet hair”.

She wrote: “I hate Airbnb. I checked out and received a message from the host saying they have to charge me an additional cleaning fee because pets aren’t allowed.”

“Your listing literally says pets allowed. I even included my dog on the booking.”

The guest posted the message from the owner, which read: “Maddie, my cleaner is at the house and has informed me that you had a pet with you.

“This house is not a pet-friendly home and will now require additional cleaning due to the amount of pet hair that was left behind before the next guest.

“I need to charge you an additional cleaning.”

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The owner also posted a picture of a vacuum cleaner full of pet hair.

Replying, Maddie sent them a screenshot of the property’s “who can stay” criteria, which displays a “pets allowed” option.

The rebuttal earned the guest an apology, and the owner ultimately decided to waive the charge.

They apologised after claiming a “glitch in the system” displayed the “pet-friendly” option.

The owner has since set their stay requirements to “no pets”.

An Airbnb spokesman confirmed the disagreement in a statement, saying their Community Support team had “already assisted our host and guest to resolve this”.

They added: “We understand this issue was due to a misunderstanding by the host, and they have since apologised to the guest who will not be charged for this.”

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