Adam 'Pacman Jones' vid shows wild bar brawl that saw ex-NFL star arrested after he ‘knocked bouncer unconscious’

SHOCKING video captured a bar brawl that got former NFL star Adam "Pacman" Jones arrested after he "knocked a bouncer unconscious."

The video shows multiple people involved in the fight throwing punches – and chairs – at an Ohio bar around 1am on Monday.

Jones, a former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, was arrested after the brawl and one witness alleged that he knocked a security guard out before repeatedly kicking the man in the head.

The witness told TMZ that the fight broke out after Jones and an entourage were thrown out of Cincinnati’s Clutch OTR bar and refused re-entry.

The former player, 37, then became aggressive, the witness said, and pushed his way back in.

"Pacman knocked the security guy out then proceeded to kick the guy in the head multiple times," the witness, who filmed the shocking video, claimed.

Jones, however, tells a very different story about how and why the brawl broke out.

After being charged with misdemeanor assault and bonding out of jail, the former NFL star appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and claimed that he was not involved in inciting the fight.

He claimed to be speaking to the club's DJ with his back turned when the brawl broke out, and said he didn't see the bouncer get knocked unconscious.

"When I turned around they [were] already on the floor so I separated them," he said. "That's when punches, chairs, whatever they was throwing [began]."

"I did what I needed to do," he added.

The former NFL star complained about being the only one charged in the situation.

He also insisted that he was not drunk during the altercation, adding, "the reason why I’m not drinking out in public is because of situations like this."

It's unclear from the video footage if Jones is one of the people throwing chairs or punches.

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