‘A** shaking’ Playboy model hit with fourth Twitch ban after bikini antics

A Playboy model who was banned from streaming platform Twitch after filming risqué 'a**-shaking' footage of herself has received another penalty.

Jessica Cowan, who self styles as 'OmgJessica', has been banned for the fourth time, according to Twitter page Streamer Bans, which is an automated service that tracks what creators have got themselves into hot water.

However, it doesn't say why. But Jessica appears to have fallen foul of Twitch's community guidelines which state: "Sexually Suggestive Content: To ensure content on Twitch is appropriate for diverse audiences, sexually suggestive content is prohibited on Twitch.

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"Evaluations on the sexual suggestiveness of a behavior or activity are independent of user attire and are instead based on the overall surrounding framing and context."

Whilst it is not certain what got the streamer in trouble, she had streamed content while laying on an inflatable bed while wearing a thong recently.

It comes after she was previously banned for shaking her "a** in a thong".

Responding to that, the content creator said: "Well I kinda figured that might happen. Anyways, I stream on kick daily."

"I put up a kick replay on twitch of me shaking my a** in a thong, with the OF logo on my overlay and titled it 'moved to kick because partner support is lacking and doesn’t honor payouts.'"

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One fan said: "That sucks you got banned from Twitch."

Cowan responded, saying: "Idc honestly they screwed me over."

It seems that Cowan accuses the platform of not paying her for her content.

It is far from the first time an adult performer has been banned form Twitch.

Twitch takes a hardline on sexualised content, owing to the often young age of a large proportion of its users.

It has even banned streaming of specific games deemed to be overtly sexual, including BMX XXX, HuniePop, Rinse and Repeat, Second Life, and Yandere Simulator.

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