Varadkar still bitter about Brexit as Irish PM launches savage attack on EU exit

Leo Varadkar says he ‘has regrets’ over Northern Ireland Protocol

Leo Varadkar has launched a savage attack on Brexit, claiming it made the UK “poorer, less secure and less influential”. He made the comments while issuing a warning over Irish political party Sinn Fein, claiming their election would be as big of a “threat” as Brexit.

He described the separatist party as an “internal threat”, saying it would be a “change for the worse”, something he compared to Brexit.

Speaking about the possibility of Sinn Fein being elected, he said: “This is not the change we need.

“It would be change for the worse. Like Brexit, it would make us poorer, less secure and less influential in the world.”

In a speech on Tuesday to mark Europe Day, the pro-Europe leader said: “The next big threat is not an external one. It’s an internal one.”

He claimed Sinn Fein would make major changes to long-standing policies on Europe and trade.

Ireland will face a general election before March 2025.

It is expected that Sinn Fein will build on its strong performance in the last vote, possibly winning power.

Hitting out at their record on Europe, Mr Varadkar said: “Sinn Fein has campaigned for a ‘No’ vote on every European Treaty put to the people in this State by referendum,” he said.

“While it has moved a lot since then, it remains a Eurosceptic and Euro-critical party.”

Earlier this year, Mr Varadkar admitted that mistakes were made on all sides in the handling of Brexit.

He said: “I’m sure we’ve all made mistakes in the handling of Brexit.

“There was no road map, no manual, it wasn’t something that we expected would happen and we’ve all done our best to deal with it.”

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