UK crumbling: Boris could be remembered as PM who DESTROYED Britain, warns ex-No10 insider

Boris Jye

Nick Timothy said Mr Johnson faced being the Prime Minister who let Britain fall apart forever, as support for a Scottish breakaway state surges. Mr Timothy, who served as Joint Downing Street Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister Theresa May, said Mr Johnson was staring down the barrel of a huge defeat in this spring’s Scottish elections.

The election result has been touted as legitimacy for a second vote on Scottish independence – and Mr Timothy said the PM needed to take a “bold approach” to save the Union.

He said Mr Johnson did not want to be “remembered as the man who won back British sovereignty from Brussels, only to lose the British nation itself.”

He added: “Yet this is the fate he risks unless he takes a bold approach to saving the Union.

“Just over six years ago, Scotland came close to voting for separation.

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“Since then, our leaders might have asked searching questions about our constitution and the cultural, institutional and political reasons for the growing estrangement between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

“Behind the scenes in Whitehall, work is underway as ministers ponder what they can do for Scotland.

“There is talk of yet more devolution, and even a constitutional convention. Still unclear, however, is what the Government actually thinks.”

He claimed Scottish devolution, introduced by Tony Blair in 1997, had allowed the SNP to use “the Scottish state to attack the Union.”

Mr Timothy concluded: “The future, Nicola Sturgeon believes, is hers.”

It comes after 17 consecutive polls indicated a majority of support for Scottish independence.

The latest poll from The Scotsman/Savanta ComRes undertaken last month showed, with “don’t knows” excluded, 58% of voters would vote yes for independence, with 42% voting no.

An SNP source said: “Boris Johnson and the Tories are clearly in panic mode that independence is becoming the settled will of a majority of people in Scotland.

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“The people of Scotland will decide the future of the nation, not Boris Johnson and the Westminster Tories.”

Whitehall ministers have recently launched a PR strategy in a bid to increase the profile of the Union.

Part of this, understands, will involve a new team in the Cabinet Office led by Michael Gove to counter significant backing of the SNP led administration in Scotland as well as a Union Unit, established by No. 10.

A Whitehall source said: “It’s extremely important for the UK to have a wider presence in Scotland and a greater focus in Whitehall north of the border.

“Scotland is dominated by the SNP with many policy comments often going unchallenged so we will aim to respond more efficiently .”

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