‘Truth is out!’ Britons celebrate Truss victory and mock Remainers after UK imports surge

Brexit: UK imports and exports evaluated by expert

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Researchers at Facts4U.org crunched the numbers to suggest a “truly staggering” trade growth is taking place with Morocco. This indicated 878 tons of courgettes were imported from Morocco in January 2021 – an almost 10-fold jump compared to 95 tons in January 2020. Most tellingly, this also equated to a huge 822 percent increase.

The UK also imported 1,292 tons of Moroccan strawberries in January 2021 compared to just 231 tons a year earlier – another huge surge of 459 percent.

UK exports of goods to Morocco have increased by more than a quarter (27.3 percent), according to the figures.

Now Britons have celebrated the massive victory for Brexit Britain and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is now leading the UK’s negotiations with the EU following last month’s departure of Lord Frost.

Several have also brutally mocked Remainers, using the figures as evidence their Brexit doom-mongering has been shut down.

Reacting to our initial story, Express reader SanjayP beamed: “Truss said ‘the EU has already invoked this article to introduce a hard border for vaccine exports and, even in the act of withdrawing it, insisted on its right to do so again in the future’.

“EU supporters have tried to pretend it didn’t happen but the truth is out.”

Jeremy1951 wrote: “It was only a matter of time before UK importers wised up and found new suppliers of foodstuffs so that we were not reliant on EU exports.

“Truss is right – UK consumers should now actively boycott EU produce & products.

“There is nothing the EU produces that the UK cannot source from elsewhere around the world.”

Another Express reader said: “How can this beeeeeee!

“Remainers said we were going to starve and have nothing but empty shelves in the supermarkets!”

Fellow Express.co.uk reader 1united4ever2 added: “EU exports to UK have fallen sharply.

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“However, these gaps are now being filled by the Commonwealth and China etc.

“EU is decimating their own trade and markets to spite their own face.”

The report from Facet4EU.org said all UK imports from Morocco in the four quarters to the end of the second quarter in 2021, £841 million (84.8 percent) were goods and £151 million (15.2 percent) were services.

Importation of Moroccan goods jumped by more than a third (34.1 percent or £214 million) compared to the same period a year earlier.

Facts4U.org said in conclusion: “Critics of Brexit like to point to problems for some traders in the EU possibly losing interest in the UK market and immediately default to the result being rising prices and empty shelves.

“It never seems to occur to them that EU produce can and will be displaced by more open competition where the consumer can decide his or her preference.

“EU produce can be beaten on price and quality now that British trading relationships can open up.

“The Kingdom of Morocco has not sat back. In October 2021 it launched its own trade initiative by starting its first agricultural and seafood export campaign specifically targeting the UK, called ‘FromMoroccotoUK’.

“True, Moroccan fresh fruits and vegetables are nothing new to the UK – citrus, blueberries, tomatoes and more are already available in supermarkets – but Morocco has significantly modernised its agriculture and food industry over the last decade so it can compete on quality as well as price.

“The Moroccans are confident their high-quality fruit and vegetables as well as competitive pricing will see them gain greater market share at the cost of EU suppliers such as the Dutch and Spanish suppliers.

“The decision will now rest with British consumers rather than Brussels’ bureaucrats.”

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