Tory polls LIVE: Boris horror show as he slumps behind Labour for 1st time since ELECTION

Boris Johnson warned of National Insurance 'gamble' by MP

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A YouGov poll revealed that the party has fallen five points to 33 percent, putting the Labour party in the lead, at 35 percent.

More than half of voters in the YouGov poll think the PM and his party do not care about improving the NHS, despite the pledge to invest a record £36billion over the next three years.   

This is the first time Labour has been ahead since January during the height of the pandemic.

Although only five Tory MPs voted against the tax rise, the fallout continues as the poll reveals a generational divide with less than half of those under 50 believing that the taxes they pay fairly reflect the public services they receive.

Throughout the pandemic, the Tories have almost always been backed by more than 40 percent of the electorate and just last week the Tories has a four-point lead over Labour with 38 percent.

The news may rock some MPs as it comes just ahead of the Conservative party conference next month. .



  • Government making best decisions in long run, says Culture Secretary08:08
  • Government making best decisions in long run, says Culture Secretary

    Oliver Dowden said the government believes it is making the best decisions in order to protect the nation in the future in terms of taxes. 

    The Culture Secretary was quizzed on Sky News the morning following the poll. 

    He said: “You know as well as I do that opinion polls come and go what the government is doing is taking the long-term decisions in the national interest.

    “I think when you come to the next election which is some time away people will weigh that up.

    “I think in the end the electorate rewards governments who are willing to make difficult decisions in order to protect the national interest and that is what the decision is all about.”

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