Tory migrant rebels call off major rebellion

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The Daily Express understands a potentially major Tory rebellion has been called off at the last minute, after the government made an eleventh-hour agreement to talks. 

Rebels had told the government they wouldn’t push for a vote on their amendment to the bill, which would have sparked a major row about the UK’s relationship with the ECHR, if the government agreed to meaningful talks. 

Discussions went on throughout the afternoon, and sources have told The Express they have agreed to talks about the proposals put forward in the amendment over the Easter recess. 

As a result, they will not be pushing for a division over the amendment. 

Despite saving the government a major headache this evening, one of the rebels signed up to the amendment warns they will push them if the meaningful talks over Easter aren’t taken seriously. 

Dozens of Tory MPs had backed amendments to ensure that anyone who arrives unlawfully they will be detained and swiftly removed. 

Three of the backers wrote for the Conservative Home website this morning clarifying that the amendments are not “a Trojan horse for leaving the ECHR”, however are intended to preclude Strasbourg from blocking flights to Rwanda. 

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