Thousands of desperate Remainers hold march in London demanding UK rejoins EU

Remainers have taken to the streets in London demanding the UK return to the EU.

Thousands of Europhile protesters are taking part in the National Rejoin March, which is organised by an alliance of pro-Brussels groups.

A large crowd carrying blue and gold EU flags gathered outside the Hilton hotel on Park Pane in west London as the march kicked off at midday.

The demonstration will culminate with a rally in Parliament Square.

Speakers include Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt, anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray and pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller.

Many protesters have been bussed in from around the country on coaches put on by organisers of the demonstration.

It is the second National Rejoin March following a similar event last year.

Speaking to left-winger presenter James O’Brien on LBC earlier this week, National Rejoin March co-founder Peter Corr said it is “really urgent that we get on with this now”.

He said: “Last year was our first march and it’s going to be an annual thing.

“We want to put rejoin on the agenda and keep it there until we’re back in the EU.”

On how many people are expected, Mr Corr suggested 50,000 attended in 2022.

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He added: “All of the numbers this year are bigger. We raised more money to get it done, there’s more coaches being organised, we’ve had more media coverage.

“So all of the numbers are way bigger than last year so we’re expecting the number of people to hopefully be way bigger too.”

It comes as Tories have warned Labour cannot be trusted on Brexit after Sir Keir Starmer pledged to rewrite the trade deal with the EU.

Meanwhile, France and Germany earlier this week put forward proposals which would allow Britain to return to the bloc as an “associate member”.

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