‘This can’t go on!’ Boris slapped with ultimatum as Tory peer warns position ‘untenable’

Boris Johnson’s position ‘untenable’ says Baroness Altmann

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BBC Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark spoke to Baroness Ros Altmann about the latest Tory party scandal as more allegations of senior party members and staff enjoying alcohol-fueled parties at Downing Street have come to light. The Tory Peer said that if Prime Minister Boris Johnson were to be found to have broken the law his position would be “untenable.” As anger from members of the public continues to grow on the matter Baroness Altmann said “this can’t go on, the public deserve better.”

Ms Wark said: “Do you think that Boris Johnson if indeed he was at that party, do you think he should now resign and there should be… well we’ve heard from Nick Watt that the men and women in grey suits are massing.

“Would it be better for Both the party and the country do you think to take that step?”

 Baroness Altmann said: “Look if there was a party, anyone who attended it was breaking the law.

“And if those who were attending and breaking the law include the Prime Minister then obviously the position becomes untenable.”

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Baroness Altmann added: “That needs to be established, I am very perplexed as to why there hasn’t been a clarification so far.

“I understand there will be a statement tomorrow, I hope that will clarify.”

Ms Wark said: “Prior to the Prime Ministers’ questions, yes.”

Baroness Altmann said: “Correct, this can’t go on, the public deserves better. We have been through terrible times in this country, there has been so much pain and suffering.”

Ms Wark said: “So very quickly Ros Altmann, would it be completely indefectible if Boris Johnson said tomorrow, I am going to wait for the permanent secretary in charge of the reporting into the parties, to report rather than say whether or not he was at the party?”

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Boris Johnson urged to apologise over party by Campbell

Baroness Altmann said: “I would consider that indefensible, there has to be a clarification tomorrow where we know what happened. We understand where the laws were broken, we understand what the leadership of this country believes is right or wrong given where the law is.

Mr Johnson failed to show up to Parliament to answer an urgent question on the latest round of allegations, which has led to more criticism as he has not taken any accountability yet.

Deputy Labour party leader Angela Rayner shared her thoughts in Parliament on the matter. Ms Rayner said his absence in Parliament “speaks volumes”.

Ms Rayner also added: “That day, the House heard from the Prime Minister himself that 181 NHS workers and 131 social care staff had died, many people made huge personal sacrifices and the minister, quite frankly, hides behind the Gray investigation.

“There’s no need for an investigation into the simple central question today: did the Prime Minister attend the event in the Downing Street garden on the 20 May 2020? It won’t wash to blame this on a few junior civil servants, the Prime Minister sets the tone.


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“If the Prime Minister was there, surely he knew. The invitation was sent to 100 staff, many of them his own most personal senior appointees, this was organised in advance, so did the Prime Minister know about the event beforehand, and did he give his permission for it to go ahead?

Ms Rayner added: “And if so, did he believe this event was (in) keeping with the restrictions at the time and the guidelines, and was the chief medical officer consulted before it went ahead?

“It is incredibly disappointing, but not unsurprising, that the Prime Minister of whom I asked this question is not here today despite not having any official engagements.

“I think his absence speaks volumes as does his smirks on the media, the public have already drawn their own conclusions. He can run but he can’t hide.”

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