Sunak must stop ‘decimation’ of UK’s ‘fifth-largest’ industry ‘Hit nail on the head!’

Rishi Sunak told to step up in hospitality crash fears

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Manchester’s night-time economy adviser Sacha Lord urged Rishi Sunak to be more involved in crucial decisions as he blasted him for shirking responsibility when it comes to having his say in whether or not people should go out. Confusion is reigning among people in Britain as they are dissuaded from mixing with other households albeit there are no official restrictions in place about visiting pubs, cafes, restaurants, shops or other entertainment venues. Manchester boasts a thriving nightlife scene and is one of the most popular English cities alongside London, Newcastle, Bristol, and Liverpool for clubbing and partying.

TalkRadio host Nick De Bois, who used to own a business, was deeply concerned about the future of small businesses.

He said: “I am genuinely very incensed about this because I also have a small business background.

“I know what it is like when the Government legally step in and close you down.

“I was in the events industry for many years but here it’s almost by stealth, it’s unofficial.

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“We have discouraged customers from going out and yet there is no mechanism in place to deal with this.

“Am I exaggerating or are you seeing that hit taking place?

Mr Lord, who lives in Greater Manchester, laid bare the lack of common denominator among politicians and the growing indecision that is affecting many Britons who don’t know whether to stay at home or go home, although the first scenario applies to the majority of people. 

He said: “No I think you have hit the nail on the head Nick to be honest.

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“This started two weeks ago when Dr [Jenny] Harris came out and said we shouldn’t socially mix leading up to Christmas.

“And then the following day the PM said: ‘Go to Christmas parties’.”

Talking from California, Mr Sunak admitted that it was a “difficult time” for hospitality, acknowledging that the situation was “very different to what we’ve done and encountered before”.

But he underlined that the Government not once requested people to cancel their events or close down businesses. It’s just advised not do it.


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Mr Lord then spoke about his agony at having to read a number of “heartbreaking” messages this morning.

He said: “But the horses had already bolted and as we know bad news travels a lot quicker than good news.

“This morning I was reading my messages and its heart-breaking, it is so upsetting to see operators and members of the staff sending me messages like they did overnight.

“My emotion has turned to absolute anger. Where is the Chancellor in all this? It’s no good saying he is on a business trip in California. I believe he is back now.”

The Government helped out businesses last year but there is a malaise currently among a large number of hospitality and retail bosses following mass Christmas cancellations due to people’s fears of contracting COVID-19 amid a large outbreak of Omicron cases.

Mr Lord told Mr Sunak to do something about it now that “he is back from California”.

Chancellor Sunak decided to cut his Californian trip short to return to the UK on time to discuss the impact of the Omicron variant with concerned business owners and Mr Lord has called on him to finally intervene and save firms and business organisations from bankruptcy.

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