Suella Braverman rips into Yvette Cooper over Labour’s ‘open border’ plan

UK-Rwanda deportations ruled unlawful

Suella Braverman has torn apart Labour for having “no alternative plan” to end the small boats crisis in a Commons clash with Yvette Cooper.

The Home Secretary said the opposition party’s policies are “simply open borders masquerading as humanitarianism”.

Mrs Braverman gave a statement to MPs after the Court of Appeal ruled the Government’s plan to send migrants on a one-way ticket to Rwanda is unlawful.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the judgement shows Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Mrs Braverman have “no plan to fix the Tories’ small boats chaos and their only policy is now completely unravelling”.

But the Home Secretary hit back: “As ever from Labour there is no alternative plan and moreover, they don’t care that they have no alternative plan.

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“The truth is our current system is rigged against the British people, that is why we’re changing the law.

“The Labour Party is perfectly content with this rigged system, they’d like to keep it in place, that’s why they’re opposing our Ilegal Migration Bill, that’s why they would scrap our partnership with Rwanda.

“Rather than propose any meaningful reforms to the asylum system, Labour would keep the system as it is to enable more people to come to the country illegally so they can be settled into local communities more quickly.

“That is simply open borders masquerading as humanitarianism and she should be honest with the British people.”

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Ms Cooper accused the Government of failing to provide concrete solutions and instead resorting to “slogans” and “gimmicks”.

The shadow home secretary said: “Even the Lord Chief Justice, who finds the scheme could be lawful, has said it only is on the basis that the scheme is small, just 100 people.

“The Home Secretary talks today again about thousands of people being sent. The Lord Chief Justice says the talk of Rwanda within a few years being a destination for thousands of asylum seekers is political hyperbole.”

She went on: “So, two questions for the Home Secretary: does she agree with the Lord Chief Justice that thousands is political hyperbole, and that even if she succeeds, it will just be a few hundreds, instead?

“How long is she going to keep wasting all of this taxpayers’ money on a failing policy and wasting everybody’s time on this ramping up the rhetoric rather than coming up with a serious plan?”

Ms Cooper went on: “This is their chaos, their Tory chaos, their boats chaos and their broken asylum system. We don’t need more slogans, we need solutions, not more gimmicks. We need a Government with a grip.”

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