Sue Gray should be banned from Labour job for ‘one-year minimum’

Starmer accuses government of resurrecting ‘a story about Sue Gray’

Senior civil servant Sue Gray, responsible for the Partygate inquiry, is being investigated by the Cabinet Office in reference to the circumstances leading up to her resignation to take up the role of chief of staff for Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Ms Gray could be banned from taking up her new position for breaching the civil service code which states that officials of Ms Gray’s seniority have to wait a minimum of three months before taking up outside employment.

Head of the civil service Simon Case has kept the findings of the investigation confidential as Ms Gray has not chosen to engage with it.

The report if published at all, is not expected until at least after the Government’s appointments watchdog [the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA) decides whether to delay Ms Gray’s start date.

Now, a new poll has shown that 91 percent of readers think Ms Gray should be blocked from working for Labour.

In a poll that ran from midday on Tuesday, May 2, to 4.30pm on Thursday, May 4, asked readers: “Should Sue Gray be blocked from working for Labour?”

Overall, 3,858 votes were cast with a staggering 91 percent (3,510 people) answering “yes” she should. Whereas nine percent (336 people) said “no” and just 12 people said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers discussed Ms Gray’s career.

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Most readers argued that Ms Gray should be blocked from working for Labour, with username lavender21 writing: “Rules are clear, she shouldn’t be allowed to take a new job.”

Similarly, username AlternativeForBritain said: “Of course, she should be blocked, she broke the rules.”

Another, username SanjayP, wrote: “Yes, banned for one-year minimum.”

While username SoltonGris remarked: “Not only should she be blocked from working for Labour, she should be sacked from the civil service and blocked from any other job in the political sphere.”

However, a minority of readers thought that Ms Gray should be allowed to work with Sir Keir’s party. Username SlanQuince said: “Sue Gray is entitled to work for who she chooses. Sue Gray is a great appointment for Labour.”

And username ValerieJackson1 said: “Sue Gray should not be blocked from working for whichever party she wants to work for.”

A Labour source told Sky News: “Sue Gray has fully cooperated with ACOBA which is the proper process. They have all the relevant details and are the ones who advise on these matters.”

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