Sturgeon slammed over ‘brazen arrogance’ of anti-Brexit ad funded with taxpayers’ cash

SNP slammed for ‘brazen arrogance’ by expert

Leader of the Alliance4Unity party Jamie Blackett took aim at Nicola Sturgeon for her continued anti-Brexit rhetoric. While speaking in an online broadcast, Mr Blackett raged at the SNP’s “arrogance” in their continued push for independence. He insisted that the party should not be using taxpayers’ money to push their anti-Brexit agenda and pro-independence ideas.

Mr Blackett said: “I think since the start of the new year we have seen a startling development with the conflation of the SNP and the state.

“That is a sign of the arrogance, the brazen arrogance of SNP.

“On new year’s day or immediately after the new year, we had an advertisement pushed out on social media barring Scottish Government hallmarks.

“This was paid for by the taxpayer and it said quite blatantly that Brexit was a bad deal for Scotland.

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“It also said that Scotland had the right to be an independent country.

“It was paid for by the taxpayer.

“I don’t know about you, but I actually voted remain but I then felt that Brexit, with the deal that we had, that we could go with that.

“I certainly don’t back independence or separation from the rest of the UK.

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“I certainly don’t believe that any of this should be paid for by taxpayers money or pushed out by the media as if it comes from official Government sources.”

Ms Sturgeon has repeatedly been criticised for continuing to push for independence during the coronavirus pandemic.

Channel 4’s Jon Snow demanded an answer from the First Minister on why the SNP was still considering independence one of their most pressing issues.

The SNP leader defended herself by arguing that Government’s around the world were thinking post-pandemic and what country they want to live in.

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She said: “As we start to recover from this, all societies and all countries are asking themselves, what do we want to recover to, what changes do we want?

“It is an opportunity to tackle some of the deep-seated issues and problems like inequality and poverty.

“And for Scotland, that involves the consideration of who holds the levers?

“Where do the powers lie? And that, of course, brings to the fore the question of independence.”

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