SNP backlash: Sturgeon ridiculed after demanding billions from UK taxpayer over Brexit

Brexit: SNP calls on government to provide support to Scotland

SNP demands for billions of pounds in ‘Brexit compensation’ were swiftly dismantled this morning. Earlier, the SNP demanded the UK Government pay Scotland billions of pounds in compensation for the economic impact of Brexit. However, this demand was quickly called out during an interview on LBC with deputy SNP leader in Westminster Kirsten Oswald.

LBC host Andrew Castle savaged Ms Oswald, claiming the SNP were asking for billions of pounds “because a vote didn’t go your way”.

His remarks were backed up by viewers, who took to social media to condemn the Scottish administration.

In her interview, Ms Oswald said the financial compensation was needed to mitigate the impact of leaving the EU, insisting Brexit has been an act of “economic vandalism”.

She told LBC: “The reason we are seeking this money is because this is an act of gross economic vandalism that has happened to Scotland.

“It’s not something that Scotland has chosen.”

JUST IN: SNP demands BILLIONS in compensation for Scotland after Brexit

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Ms Oswald continued: “Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

“Since then, we have been roundly ignored at every stage and here we find ourselves pushed over this hard Brexit cliff-edge with all the significant economic impact that will have.”

The LBC host hit back at the SNP MP, saying: “The vote didn’t go your way but you are part of the union.

“It’s not that you’re not being listened to, it’s just that the vote didn’t go your way, and now you’d like to be compensated for that.”

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When pressed by the figure the SNP wants, Ms Oswald responded: “The EU commission have announced a £5 billion Brexit mitigation fund for EU member states. They recognise the difficulty this is causing.

“If you look at UK’s own figures, we have already lost £3.95bn from Brexit, and if we look forward to what Boris’ deal will do, it will cost Scotland’s economy by 6.1 percent.

“It is entirely reasonable for the UK Westminster to make some kind of acknowledgement in a financial sense.”


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However, she repeatedly refused to clearly lay out where this money would come from.

Andrew Castle said: “Would that £4bn come from the British taxpayer? Where is that coming from?”

When Ms Oswald refused to answer, Mr Castle added: “You want the compensation, who is going to pay you?”

Viewers took aim at the SNP’s demands, branding them “deluded”.

One person tweeted: “The real scandal here is that after years of SNP toxic rule, some Scottish children are suffering the worst poverty in Europe.

“SNP demands are made to deflect away from the terrible damage to Scotland caused by an obsession with yesterday’s arguments over #indyref2 and #Brexit.”

Another person said: “The worst case of economic vandalism is being carried out by the SNP.”

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, said Boris Johnson “must apologise to Scottish businesses and pay compensation to Scotland for the long-term damage they are doing to our economy – costing us billions in lost trade and growth”.

However, Scottish Tory constitution spokesman Dean Lockhart pointed out that the SNP had already received “hundreds of millions of pounds” from Westminster.

He claimed the SNP are “sitting on more than £700 million of additional Covid business support funding” they have received from Chancellor Rishi Sunak, adding “not a single penny of this has yet been delivered to firms struggling massively from lockdown restrictions”.

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