Rishi Sunak ‘too busy’ to meet Donald Trump despite new bid for White House

The Prime Minister chose to hold talks with Congressional leaders from both sides but did not find time in his diary for the former president, who is running for the White House again.

Mr Sunak dismissed suggestions he should have found time for Mr Trump given he could be reelected as president next year.

He said: “I’m meeting key Congressional leaders from both sides and obviously the President. Those are the key engagements that I have.

“I’ve got a pretty busy schedule as it is, as no doubt you will see over the next two days. But I’m focused on the things that we need to do, which is to see President Biden, see the main Congressional leaders and engage with US businesses as well who are investing billions of pounds into the UK economy.”

He added: “We’re also seeing lots of US chief executives who are investing billions of pounds into the UK economy and employ hundreds of thousands of people, that’s all important engagement and it’s important for the UK for me to do that because we want continued investment and more jobs and that’s what I’m busy trying to secure.”

Mr Sunak held talks in the Capitol with key senators and Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy.

He also attended a baseball match last night where he was introduced to a number of UK and US service personnel and veterans, along with Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security and Senator Mitt Romney.

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