Rachel Reeves humiliated by luxury plane seat blunder

Susanna Reid tells Rachel Reeves she’s ‘performed own U-turn’

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves accidentally tweeted out an embarrassing blunder as she flew to the US ahead of a major speech in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Ms Reeves will use the speech to set out Labour’s economic vision for Britain, tweeting: “With a Labour Government, we will restore our economic dignity at home and abroad. Tonight, I fly to the US to start that work.”

The Shadow Chancellor posted a photo of her on the plane, looking at her phone and a close-up of her passport and boarding pass.

Keen-eyed Twitter users quickly spotted that Ms Reeves’s boarding pass photo included her seat number, which plane exports soon deduced showed the Shadow Chancellor living the high life in British Airway’s luxury “Club World” seat.

Club World passengers, unlike those slumming it in economy, enjoy a range of luxuries – though have to pay up to £8,000 a seat.

Even booking months in advance means the seat would have cost at least £2,200.

According to British Airways, Ms Reeves would have lived it up large with “A spacious seat, which converts into a fully flat bed”.

She also received:

  • Dedicated check-in and access to private lounges
  • Delicious food and drink using fresh, local ingredients
  • Luxury bedding, amenity kit and in-flight entertainment

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The Shadow Chancellor clearly saw the raised eyebrows on social media at her luxury seating, quickly deleting her post and re-uploading it with the seat number blurred out.

As of this morning, she’s also deleted her blurred photos.

Politico has been told the seat was “paid for by a party donor”, so will appear on her MP Register of Interests.

Ms Reeves’s luxury US trip didn’t stop there, as the Sun reports her first call of duty was a private dinner with Joe Biden’s top pollster at a swanky New York club.

She joined John Anzalone for dinner, who aided the Democrats and President Biden to hone messaging in key swing states at the last election.

Twitter users were quick to mock Ms Reeves’ plane seat blunder, with one saying: “She’s not very good at hiding her hypocrisy.”

Another quipped: “Rachel Reeves deleted this tweet after people found out she paid up to £8,000 for a Business Club ticket.

“The party of ‘sound money’ strikes again.”

The Express contacted Rachel Reeves’s office for comment.

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