Raab snaps at Marr in furious BBC Brexit fisheries row – ‘Can I answer the question?’

Dominic Raab reveals ‘£100 million boost’ for fishing industry

The foreign secretary Dominic Raab has hit back in a spat with the BBC’s Andrew Marr over the Brexit trade deal. The BBC host accused Mr Raab and the UK Government of “betraying” the British fisheries industry. However, Mr Raab rebuked this by outlining the plan to inject £100million into the industry and “rebuild our fishing fleet”.

Mr Marr said: “Fishing organisations up and down the country are molten with anger over the deal you have made, and they feel you have comprehensively betrayed them.”

Mr Raab fired back: “I don’t accept that. I think this is a great deal for the fishing industry both short-term and long-term

“We get full control over our fisheries back with an immediate 15 percent uplift in our access to fisheries for the UK sector.

“That rises to two-thirds in the five year transition period, and then we have annual negotiations.”

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He added: “The fishing industry is going to want to increase its capacity to take advantage of those increased stocks.

“We are putting in £100m to shore up and strengthen the fishing industry so that this really important opportunity of leaving the EU can be properly grasped.

Mr Marr pointed to the difficulties that UK fishermen were facing, which prompted Mr Raab to admit there were “teething problems”.

When the BBC host interrupted the foreign secretary, Mr Raab hit back: “Can I answer the question?”

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He went onto say: “The deal we struck in long-term and short-term will create huge sustainable opportunities for our fishing industry. We need to grab them.”

Under the terms agreed by the EU and the UK, 25 percent of EU fishing rights in UK waters will be transferred to the UK fishing fleet over a transition period lasting up to June 30 2026.

There will be annual negotiations on the amount of fish EU vessels can take from British waters after the transition period.


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Following the announcement of the EU-UK trade deal, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove pledged a £100m fund for modernising trawlers and fish processing plants.

The UK Government plans to sideline SNP ministers when delivering the funds over fears that they would attempt to sabotage the pro-Brexit scheme.

It is suggested that the project is to be directly run by Tory ministers across the UK, despite fisheries being a devolved matter.

The move will spark a heated ‘power grab’ row, with furious SNP ministers accusing Westminster of reversing devolution.

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