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Jacob Rees-Mogg on elections and the constitution in January

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak are battling to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. The next general election is due to take place no later than January 2025 but the winner could call a snap ballot.

An immediate election could give the new leader a personal mandate in addition to Tory Party support. 

In a poll that ran from 7am on Wednesday, August 10 to 9am on Tuesday, August 16, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Should the next Prime Minister hold a general election immediately?” 

In total, 3,385 people responded with a strong majority, 68 percent (2,310 people), answering “no” the next Prime Minister should not hold a general election immediately. 

A further 31 percent (1,049 people) said “yes” there should be a snap general election, while just one percent (26 people) said they did not know.

In a separate poll that ran from 3pm on Sunday, August 14, to 10am on Tuesday, August 16, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Should Liz Truss call an early snap general election?” 

Overall, 4,362 readers cast their votes with the vast majority, 70 percent (3,063 people) answering “no” Ms Truss should not call an early snap general election. 

Meanwhile, 29 percent (1,267 people) said “yes” she should, and one percent (32 people) said they did not know. 

Hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on a snap general election being held in the comments below both accompanying articles.

Most readers were against a snap general election with one reader, username phil1948, commenting: “No election now there is enough upheaval at the present time.” 

Username DIY agreed, writing: “We have too many threats going on in the world right now that are affecting our nation.  

“What we need is a stable, strong government as soon as possible. We cannot afford to pay out and go through a further period of time in an unsettled position.” 

Another, username SanjayP, wrote: “The country doesn’t need a general election. The country needs the Prime Minister to get on with the job. Stability is what is required.”

And username terri1010 said: “A General Election now would be a disaster. A general election is a deflection from facing the issues that need solutions.” 

Meanwhile, some readers argued that an election could prove costly to the current Conservative majority. 

Username stifflip said: “The Conservatives have an 80-seat majority and there is absolutely no reason to call an election.” 

Username Islands wrote: “Why on earth would they do that? The Conservatives have a massive majority already & nothing to gain by calling another election.” 

And username England First said: “Only if they want to commit political suicide! We are a long way from a general election.”


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While username Leaver said: “There is no need for her to call an election until January 2025.” 

However, some readers argued that an election should be called by the new Prime Minister.

Username kaboios said: “Election now. The Conservatives have done enough damage.” 

And username nevervotingliblabcon wrote” “Yer let’s get Labour in let’s see how they perform.” 

Britain’s next Prime Minister is due to be announced when the House of Commons returns from summer recess on September 5.

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