‘People must judge many successes’ Boris ally hits out at Tory MPs demanding resignation

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Conservative MP Huw Merriman hit out at politicians’ lack of loyalty and pleaded with everyone to stop using the partying allegations as a stick to beat Boris Johnson with. He urged colleagues to look at the bigger picture and judge him on his plethora of success and the rewards his work have reaped for Britain. For Mr Merriman, the partygate accusations have been blown out of proportion, stressing that Mr Johnson was just spending time in “his private garden” at Number 10 Downing Street like on any other day when he needs to take a short break from work.

A number of Tories have reportedly admitted Mr Johnson no longer has what it takes to successfully spearhead Britain’s next initiatives as they want him gone.

Talking to Times Radio co-presenter Stig Abell, Mr Merriman laid emphasis on how well Mr Johnson has done as Prime Minister, steering Britain to unparalleled success, not least when it comes to the vaccination programme and resisting calls to implement new restrictions in the run-up to Christmas.

He said: Well, he probably can’t comment on whether it was or wasn’t a party, but you can certainly comment about what he was doing.

“You have to bear in mind it’s a, it’s an office garden and overspill for those that work in the office of number 10.

“It’s also his private garden so I can see why it’s complicated but the fact is, the public do need matters address.

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“So that would be very helpful, not least for me, so I can give you better answers than I am right now”

“I do hope that people will judge the many successes of the prime minister, the vaccination programme, holding the nerve on plan B, support for business and individuals during the pandemic and perhaps not just focus on the negatives.

“I’m a firm believer that you judge the whole package rather than just pick on negatives and I hope that’s what we can start to do once we know more.”

The recent party allegations have fuelled talk of an early exit but Mr Merriman, who is the MP for Bexhill and Battle, backed his party leader to get his mojo back and resist in the face of adversity.

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But he urged fellow Tories and the public to show more appreciation for the good things he has done and look at the “whole package”.

Ups and downs, he reiterated, are part and parcel of life as he blasted politicians for their apparent absence of loyalty, not least when the going gets tough.

When asked if he had lost faith in him, he said: “No, I haven’t and I think it’s unfair when perhaps, some of my colleagues just focus on some negatives and don’t judge the whole package.

“We don’t do that in other walks of life, I don’t do it on policy when I review it from a select committee perspective and I don’t believe we should on those who lead us as well and a bit of loyalty doesn’t go amiss in politics.


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“We all have our difficulties and I think it’s important to support through the difficult times as well as celebrate the successes that were given as MPs when we were elected by this prime minister in 2019.

Labour’s Deputy leader Angela Rayner told BBC Breakfast this morning that if it turns out that Mr Johnson disrespected the ethical code and “misled parliament” his exit is inevitable.

She said: “Boris Johnson has to account for his actions and the ministerial code is very clear that if he has misled parliament and he has not abided by that code, then he should go.

“[And if it is proven that he] lied to the British public, lied to Parliament and he has attended parties during lockdown, then his position is untenable”.

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