On COVID and crime Democrats assess risk very differently

Liberal California DA George Gascon silent on crime wave

Eric Siddall, VP of LA Deputy District Attorneys Association, says Gascon facing recall effort for failing to take accountability.

For well nigh two years now Democrats across America have urged strict restrictions and obedience from the nation in all matters regarding COVID. Turn your life upside down, send your kid to school in masks to eat lunch in chilly weather on the ground of the yard, and by all means get your two, or three, or however many vaccination jabs. If it can save just one life, and all that. But when it comes to crime, these same lefties have more risk tolerance than a drunk 22-year-old at a Vegas craps table. What gives?

Think about this statement the progressive Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm made when he was elected in 2007 regarding his lax approach to crime, “Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”

We saw the fruits of this wrongheaded approach last month when Darrell Brooks Jr., exited the turnstile of Milwaukee County’s criminal justice system, despite a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt, to allegedly murder 6 people at a Christmas parade. 

In New York, a grad student lost his life to a knife attack to another career criminal roaming Manhattan who should have been behind bars.

It’s happening all over the country. And it is making the law-abiding people of America second class citizens in their own cities. While Democrats moan and wail about the danger of the unvaccinated, even though we know that the vaccinated are perfectly capable of spreading COVID, our criminal class is coddled at every turn.

Democrats and their media allies might argue that COVID and the hundreds of thousands of deaths it has wrought is on a different scale than our crime crisis. But that is little consolation to the families of those who died preventable deaths owing to woke prosecutors. And besides that, crime in our cities is a paralyzing force that rains negative outcomes down on millions of Americans.

So what explains this disparity in risk tolerance? Put simply, COVID has no claim to oppressed status, except maybe in regard to what we are allowed to call it. Sacrificing Americans to COVID serves no social justice purpose, but sacrificing Americans to crime does. 

Even regarding COVID we see this dynamic at work. Everyone, including American citizens who enter the country legally must run a gauntlet of COVID restrictions, but those who break into the country through our spaghetti strainer of a Southern border may traipse in free of any protocols at all. The migrants, you see, are oppressed, and exemptions must be made for them.

Democrats lack the serenity to accept what they cannot change about COVID, they lack the courage to change what they can about crime and are severely lacking in the wisdom to see the difference. 

The irony here is that despite our best efforts for 2 years we have no idea how to effectively stop the spread of COVID, the Florida model, the New York Model, the Sweden model, the Australia model, all have pros and cons. But in regard to crime, we know exactly how to fight it. In cities across America, led by New York, the police tactics of the 1990s chopped crime at the knees, and yet we have abandoned those police and prosecutorial practices. 

Democrats lack the serenity to accept what they cannot change about COVID, they lack the courage to change what they can about crime, and are severely lacking in the wisdom to see the difference. 

This is not a mystery that progressive prosecutors have to solve, we know how to fight crime in our major cities, it’s time we get back to doing it. 

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