‘Not our job!’ French police tells reporter they ignore migrant crossing due to legality

GMB: 'It's not that difficult' to stop migrants says Jonathan Swain

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Jonathan Swain from Good Morning Britain reported from Calais and gave an update on the death of at least 27 people in the English Channel following a failed crossing and revealed French police say it is not their job to stop boats. Mr Swain appeared to attack French authorities for not pulling their weight as he revealed many journalists could easily track migrants moving dinghies and other gear through French towns as they made no secret of their intentions to cross the Channel. The ITV correspondent added the French police must also be aware of the movements being made but do little to stop it following reports they simply watched a dinghy leaving yesterday before another boat capsized on its journey to the UK.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Swain told the programme he has spoken to French police who do nothing about the migrant boats despite their intentions being easily seen.

He explained: “French patrols will just pass them by and won’t stop them at all or intervene.

“And we saw those pictures from yesterday as well where dozens of people get into a boat that potentially make it across the channel.

“I spoke to French police officers, they’re very reluctant to deal with the media, particularly British media, but the ones that have sort of spoken to say that well actually it’s not their job to stop migrants from crossing the water.

“Because actually, they’re not doing anything illegal by getting into a boat on a beach and crossing the water.

“It’s illegal to get into the UK, but not illegal to leave the French coast so politically it needs to come down from the top from President Macron to put that pressure on the French police to stop them even before they get into the water.

“I have to say having been here and seen it for myself, it’s not that difficult to stop them from getting into the water because they are openly walking to the beaches carrying dinghies around the villages.”

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The 27 confirmed deaths are the biggest loss of life in the Channel since the International Organization for Migration began collecting data in 2014.

French leaders say five women and a young girl were among those who lost their lives.

The boat was reported by a passing fishing boat who alerted emergency services to conduct a search and rescue mission.

Two people were rescued from the mission but 27 were confirmed dead with one missing.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the deaths a “disaster” and immediately called a Cobra meeting following the news.

Mr Johnson has been in talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in order to crack down on trafficking gangs that are helping people cross.

Mr Johnson said: “It also shows how vital it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who are sending people to sea in this way.”

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin put the blame on the UK and said the Government could do more to help France.

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