Nicola Sturgeon’s briefing descends into chaos as SNP leader faces question on ‘integrity’

Nicola Sturgeon: Expert questions ‘integrity’

Scotland’s First Minister clashed with Sky News journalist James Mattews as he grilled the SNP leader on her integrity. Ms Sturgeon appeared to lose her patience with Mr Mattews and warned him he had “one more chance” to ask a question regarding coronavirus after his first two questions were regarding the inquiry. 

The Sky journalist asked: “Did Scottish Government lawyers in telling the Court of Session that the first you knew of Alex Salmond mislead the court and did they mislead the court on the basis of information that you provided?”

The SNP leader replied: “This is a Covid briefing but I will briefly address that for this one time.

“No, that is not the case, I refute that absolutely and I look forward to getting the opportunity at long last to appear before the committee of inquiry.

“Let me be very clear I am willing to answer all questions put to me by that committee.

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“Do you have a Covid question James before I move on?”

Mr Matthews said: “It is a question about integrity First Minister and integrity goes to the heart of everything you do including Covid.

“Can I ask that when you say you refute that, do you refute that you supplied the information to the Scottish Government lawyers or that they misled the court?”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “I have said what I am going to say today, I refute the allegation made and I as is right and proper will not address these serious issues in a press conference.

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“I will do that sitting before the inquiry as is my responsibility.

“I will give you one more chance, do you have a question on Covid or shall I move on to the next question?”

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