‘Lost the plot!’ Steve ‘Stop Brexit’ Bray mocked by Lee Anderson

Steve Bray accepts Lee Anderson boxing match in February

Westminster’s most infamous protester, Steve Bray, returned to Parliament Square this morning to annoy MPs, staff, journalists and the Prime Minister.

Mr Bray, clearly visible in his EU-branded blue and yellow top hat, blared music from his speakers from the early hours, as has become his notorious preferred protesting method.

While his eardrum-hurting music proved its usual distraction for those working in Parliament, his playlist drew mockery for a new reason.

One of the songs he played throughout the day was a Boris-themed parody of the Bay City Rollers’ ‘Bye Bye Baby’, crudely reworked so it sings “bye bye Boris, Boris goodbye” over and over again.

The song selection drew the ire of Mr Bray’s most notorious nemesis, Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson.

Given Boris Johnson has now left parliament and won’t step foot in Parliament any time soon, the song choice seemed somewhat outdated.

Lee Anderson told the Express: “It would appear that the recent hot weather, combined with Bray’s regular visits to the nearby Red Lion, has affected his ability to recognise who the current PM is. Either that or he has lost the plot.”

Mr Bray and Mr Anderson’s rivalry goes a long way back, with Mr Anderson having once stolen the protestor’s top hat, and even challenged him to a boxing match.

Mr Anderson previously called Steve Bray “a parasite, a malingerer and a scrounger”.

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So irritating have Tories found Mr Bray’s music blasting, they’ve even tried legislating to ban him.

In May this year, it was reported that the Home Office and Met Police were considering a “range of approaches to stop Steve Bray, known as ‘Stop Brexit Man’, from using a sound system to blast music outside the Houses of Parliament and major Whitehall departments for eight hours at a time”.

Labour-run Westminster Council have so far refused to allow Mr Bray to be given Community Protection Notices, arguing he’s exercising his right to protest.

Despite the Met considering action, Steve Bray has been a regular fixture of SW1 since 2017.

He stood as a Lib Dem candidate in Wales at the last election, coming second last with 3.1 percent of the vote.

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