Liz Truss pledges UK will support Ukraine ‘for the long-haul’

Ukraine: Liz Truss discusses £1 billion of military support from UK

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The Foreign Secretary will pledge the UK will do its upmost to ensure Ukraine is victorious and prospers.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Britain to champion the resurgence of Kyiv and the surrounding region.

Ms Truss will use a recovery conference in Switzerland to set out a vision to give immediate support and long-term commitments to work alongside the Ukrainians.

She is expected to say: “Ukraine’s recovery from Russia’s war of aggression will be a symbol of the power of democracy over autocracy. It will show Putin his attempts to destroy Ukraine have only produced a stronger, more prosperous and more united nation.

“The UK is resolute in its support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and will remain at Ukraine’s side as it emerges as a strong, thriving and cutting-edge democracy.

“We will continue to lead in supporting the Ukrainian government’s reconstruction and development plan.”

UK backing of Ukraine has already reached £1.3billion offered through multilateral loan guarantees and more than £100million bilateral support.

Humanitarian assistance and demining programmes will help, and in the longer term the UK will share economic and financial expertise to transform Ukraine into a global hub for investment, enterprise and cutting-edge technology.

Ms Truss will announce plans to host next year’s recovery conference as the Government commits to a Marshall Plan-style programme, echoing the one used to rebuild Europe after the Second World War.

She will add: “The UK will do everything possible to ensure Ukraine wins the war and recovers.”

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