Laura Kuenssberg savages Cummings ‘What kind of con have you pulled off on the British!?’

Dominic Cummings grilled by Kuenssberg on 'conning' UK public

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During the BBC interview on Tuesday evening, Dominic Cummings outlined his reasons why he supposedly “conned” the British public into supporting Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister at the 2019 General Election. Following a volley of questioning from Laura Kuenssberg, Cummings explained how at the time of the election Boris Johnson was the only option to deliver on the promise of Brexit and various other problems “in the order we can solve them in”. But he admitted “days” after the win, he and his Vote Leave chums were planning an ousting of the Prime Minister despite their support for him at the election.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “You have just said that within months of the Prime Minister winning the biggest Conservative majority in decades…

“You and a few others from the Vote Leave campaign were discussing the possibility of getting rid of him!

But Mr Cummings insisted it was in fact “days, not months” after the landslide win.

Expressing her shock the BBC political editor stressed: “Within days of the election you were discussing getting rid of him!?”

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The former aide went on to explain how there reasons behind that was due to his belief that Mr Johnson was not the right man to run the country, despite

But he explained how the Prime Minister was the best of a bad bunch when faced with the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn potentially getting the keys to Number 10.

He stressed: “He doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t know how to be Prime Minister!

“We only got him in there because we had to solve a certain problem [Brexit], not because we thought he was the right person to be running the country!”

Dominic Cummings on plan to 'get rid' of Boris Johnson

Kuenssberg hit back following Cummings’ admission hammering him for deceiving the British public into thinking Boris Johnson was the right man to be Prime Minister.

She said: “What kind of con have you pulled off on the British then if that is really what you think!”

Cummings insisted how he did not think it was a con highlighting how “we were trying to solve very hard problems in the order that we can solve them” in reference to the challenge posed of getting Brexit done.

The former aide also claimed in the interview that the Prime Minister joked that elderly people could “get Covid and live longer”.

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Cummings also added how the Prime Minister “did not buy” the fact the NHS would “not be able to cope” with the influx of coronavirus patients.

The purported remarks are claimed to have been made in a private WhatsApp chat with Mr Johnson’s team on October 15, just two weeks before the second lockdown came into force.

Despite Mr Cummings’ claims, Downing Street said the Prime Minister had taken the “necessary action to protect lives and livelihoods, guided by the best scientific advice” throughout the pandemic.

A spokesperson added that the Government had prevented the NHS “from being overwhelmed through three national lockdowns”.

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