Labour polls: Keir Starmer still short of toppling Boris Johnson – major Tory boost

Keir Starmer grilled by Jon Kay over second job as lawyer

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Despite popularity dipping for the Tories, and vice versa for Labour, Keir Starmer still has some work to do to overtake Boris Johnson in the public’s thinking. The most recent polling figures from Politico, reveal the gap has now closed to two percentage points between the parties. So, what exactly have the latest polls revealed?

Latest polling results from Politico have revealed that despite closing the gap, Keir Starmer’s Labour party are still ranked lower than the Tories.

Figures released last Thursday – November 18 – showed that support for Keir Starmer was at 35 percent.

In comparison, the Tories were ranked with 37 percentage points, a number which has slumped in recent months.

The Conservatives scored 43 percent in their opinion polls, as recently as last May.

Although Mr Starmer and his party seems to be closing the gap between themselves and the Conservatives, public opinion on the leader of the Labour Party remains split.

In YouGov’s most recent approval rating of the Labour leader, only 20 percent of those asked felt that he was doing ‘well’ in his position.

On the other hand, 60 percent of the participants answered that he was doing ‘badly’ in his job.

These results were released as part of YouGov’s research into Mr Starmer’s approval rating for October.

Over the past couple of months, Labour has been able to make ground on the Conservatives in the public’s thinking.

This comes after the Government has received criticism for its handling of several key issues.

In August the PM was accused of failing to coordinate an effective and organised withdrawal of UK armed forces from Afghanistan.

During the wind-down of coalition forces in the country, the Taliban staged a rapid advance, and re-captured large areas it had originally lost during the past two decades of conflict.

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Consequently, an evacuation of Afghan civilians started which lasted for several weeks and led to the UK offering asylum to 15,000 people in August.

YouGov found that the Government’s approval rating dropped from 30 percentage points to 28 during the period the withdrawal took place.

Recently, the Government has also faced mounting pressure over its handling of the Tory ‘sleaze’ scandal.

Several weeks ago, the Government was subjected to backlash after attempting to save ex-Tory MP, Owen Paterson, for breaching lobbying rules.

Accusations of corruption have since been levelled at the PM for what’s been perceived as an effort to overhaul parliamentary standards.

Since the scandal emerged last month Mr Johnson’s approval rating with YouGov has dropped to its lowest point for nearly two years.

The PM’s rating currently stands at 24 percent.

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