Labour MP Kiri Allan’s cancer scan all clear after treatment

Labour MP Kiri Allan who was diagnosed with cancer in April says her latest scan shows “no sign” of the disease.

The Cabinet Minister shared the “huge milestone” today via social media, thanking the public for their support while also calling on everybody to be proactive about their health and getting checks.

Allan revealed in April she had been diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer and would be stepping down from her roles to deal with it.

She had nine weeks of treatment starting in June, and said two days ago she had her first scan since.

“Today my incredible radiation oncologist called me to say that the scan shows that there is no sign of residual cancer,” she wrote.

“I can’t describe what we are feeling right now, and I’ll be honest, I was preparing for a different kind of phone call today.”

Allan said there was a five-year period where she needed to be tested every six months, and it was not until the end of that period she could say “my chances of having that cancer are no longer likely”.

“However, this is such a huge milestone for my family and I after a year that has been challenging for all, for so many reasons.

“I am so grateful to every single person that has supported our family through this journey, and the incredible medical staff that have saved my life to date.”

Allan, who had been open about her journey and highlighting health issues, said her experience caught her out.

“This disease caught me out and I was not prepared for what would follow.

“We have the medicine, the science and the expertise to detect this form of cancer far earlier then I did.

“Please, to all my sisters out there, take time to have your cervical smears, your mammograms, and all other health checks; to all my brothers out there, let the doctors have a look and take a prod – it may just one day save your life – and your family wants you, needs you, to stay healthy for them.”

Allan thanked the public for all their support.

“This will be my last public post about my own personal journey with cancer but my whānau and I wanted to share this news with you all, given the support for us has been immeasurable and we are incredibly grateful.”

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