Khan’s hated ULEZ scheme rakes in £400million in fines from Londoners

Sadiq Khan refuses to pause ULEZ rollout despite legal challenge

Transport for London (TfL) has handed out £400million worth of fines in less than 18 months to drivers who did not pay the ULEZ charge.

Between January 2022 and April 2023, 2,468,471 penalty charge notices were issued.

The Ultra Low Emission zone is a £12.50 charge issued for driving in certain zones in London. If the vehicle does not meet ULEZ emission standards, drivers who fail to pay receive a penalty charge notice of up to £180.

This is reduced to £90 if paid within two weeks. The fines increased in January from £160 and £80 respectively.

While TfL has not provided a month-by-month breakdown, using the £180 figure would mean £444,324,780 worth of fines were issued, while the £160 figure would mean £394,955,360 worth of fines were issued.

Sadiq Khan has faced growing backlash in recent months for his plans to expand the ULEZ in London, with the Mayor facing a High Court challenge over the plans.

The hearing, taking place in July, will effectively decide whether Mr Khan acted legally or illegally in giving the go-ahead for the scheme’s expansion.

The £12.50 ULEZ charge applies to vehicles that do not meet up-to-date emissions standards and currently covers inner London, but will be expanded to cover the whole of London.

Many drivers are worried about the expansion given it’s taking place in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

There are also concerns that the new charges could have a negative impact on local businesses, as fewer people will want to take car trips.

But Mr Khan has argued the policy will improve air quality in London and will benefit the environment.

Howard Cox from FairFuel accused the Mayor of “cash-grabbing”, saying that the plans are “not only contemptible but now maybe seen to be unlawful”.

He called for an independent public inquiry into what he dubbed “immoral behaviour”.

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Cllr Ian Edwards, the Leader of Hillingdon Council, described the plans as “disastrous”.

He said: “We were confident that the coalition had put together a robust case against expansion and this is backed up by the courts agreeing to have our challenge heard.

“We listened to our residents and businesses who have expressed significant concerns over the social and economic impact of ULEZ expansion and could not stand aside and allow it to be rolled out without challenge.

“We remain confident that the court will see that the Mayor failed to follow due process, that his proposed scrappage scheme is inadequate, the irreparable harm ULEZ expansion would have on outer London and its neighbours, and that it will rightfully quash these disastrous plans.”

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