Key points Rishi Sunak plans to address in foreign policy speech

He will also vow to use it to defend a better future against enemies, in a speech calling 2023 “one of the most significant years” for UK foreign policy in recent times.

Addressing diplomats, foreign policy thinkers and business leaders at a Lord Mayor’s event in London the Prime Minister is expected to say: “We’re hard-headed about what’s necessary for our interests and security. But Britain’s realism has always had values and this is a moment for moral clarity.”

As conflicts rage in the Middle East and Ukraine, he will add: “In these dangerous times, we’re not just defending a better vision of the future against those who would destroy it, we’re marshalling our expertise, our people and our alliances to bring that future into being.

“So we’ll continue to stand up for what is right…and show that our values will prevail.”

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Mr Sunak will highlight the forging of international partnerships on defence, trade and migration as Britain provides humanitarian support and assists allies.

On conflict regarding Palestine, the PM will say: “The UK wrote the original UN resolutions setting out a two-state solution. We’ve argued for it for decades. But now we must help make it a reality.

“So, to the UK’s friends across the region and to our communities in this country I pledge to redouble British efforts to this end.”

Referring to Ukraine, the Prime Minister will add: “The last year has shown that Russia cannot win… Since their invasion, Russia has suffered over a quarter of a million casualties. Half of the territory they seized has been taken back. And Putin has faced a more united response than he ever imagined.

“It’s a self-inflicted strategic calamity. Putin’s vain hope is that we lose patience but we never will.”

Mr Sunak has made deals with international counterparts to strengthen UK defences, boost trade and tackle migration problems.

The UK also agreed the Windsor Framework on Northern Ireland with the EU.

There are also migration pacts with France, Italy and Albania, “enhanced strategic partnerships” with Japan and Singapore and entry to the CPTPP trade deal with an area of half a billion people.

Britain also hosted an AI Safety Summit to broker the first international statement on the risks of the technology.

The Premier is further expected to say: “These treaties and alliances speak to something deeper: our willingness to act, to shape the world, not be shaped by it, wherever there’s a challenge, wherever there’s a threat, wherever we can promote peace and security.”

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