James Jay Carafano: Biden still in excuse-making mode

Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal strategy after terror attacks

President responds to Fox News’ Peter Doocy over America’s responsibility in Kabul

The blame game continues. In his latest speech on the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan, President Biden fingered the terrorist group ISIS-K for the bombing at the Kabul airport. He then delivered more excuses why the hole he dug isn’t getting deeper.

After a 90-day intelligence review, his administration still can’t figure out if COVID came out of a Chinese lab. But the president is already pretty sure ISIS-K organized the attacks on the Kabul airport. 

Moreover, he thinks working with Taliban still makes sense. So he continued to spend more time explaining how he is making all the right steps rather than coming up with a serious plan to address a situation that is rapidly spiraling out of control.

The president acknowledged that the U.S. knew this threat was coming – like a Mack truck with no brakes – yet the White House just watched while the airport got smacked. He did that because he discarded all other options on how to get out. 

After creating an impossibly unsustainable situation with a chaotic no-plan plan for withdrawal — one in which he ignored the advice of military leaders and the intelligence community – he stated he was relying on the advice of military commanders. This is like Gen. Custer, after he was surrounded, asking his lieutenants, “What do we do now?”

Biden wrapped up with the old tried and true: blaming Trump. President Biden has made the decision to make the response a referendum on his leadership. This is too large a claim to let pass. It’s about placing blame. It’s not about partisan sniping. It’s about understanding where we are, and what we have to do now — and that requires knowing what we did. 

That means it’s time — right now — to start discussions on an independent, nonpartisan investigation to unpack the administration’s response. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Things are not going well, to put it mildly. This is not the best of all possible outcomes. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Taliban will control more territory, have more money, more friends and more arms than they did on 9/11. 

Today we learned the perilous consequences of that development. It’s time for the White House and all of us to come to grips with that. 

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