Hunt takes swipe at Labour for ‘changing mind’ on pensions tax break

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Jeremy Hunt today took a swipe at Labour for “changing their mind overnight” on a major pensions tax break. The Chancellor yesterday scrapped the lifetime allowance, driven by a bid to prevent doctors from retiring early from the NHS. He stated that “no one should be pushed out of the workforce for tax reasons”.

But Labour has said it will reverse the measure if it gains power at the next general election.

Mr Hunt this morning said Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting had previously backed the measure last September.

He told Sky News: “I think if you talk to anyone in the NHS they will say doctors leaving the workforce because of pension rules is a big problem.

“It’s something incidentally that Labour advocated last September.

“Wes Streeting said we should get rid of the cap on pensions, the lifetime allowance.

“He seems to have changed his mind overnight on that one.

“He said it was crazy and it would save lives to get rid of that cap. Well, he was right in September when he said that.”

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