‘How long does it take to realise you’re in a party!? Scully stutters over Boris defence

MP Paul Scully left stuttering over Boris scandal probe

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Paul Scully appeared on LBC to discuss the latest events in the Downing Street party saga but was ruthlessly grilled by presenter Eddie Mair over the issue. Mr Mair simply asked Mr Scully how long it would take him to realise he was in a party after Boris Johnson said he attended a gathering believing it was a work event. Mr Scully tried to skirt around the question but was left floundering as Mr Mair struggled to believe the Prime Minister could not distinguish between a work and party environment when people around him were drinking.

Speaking on LBC, host Mair bluntly asked Mr Scully how long it took him to realise he was at a party.

Mr Mair referred to Boris Johnson’s apology during PMQs where he said he believed he was at a work event that would be allowed under lockdown rules.

Mr Scully began to ramble and say there was “a lot of people who work in No10” before Mr Mair steered the conversation back to his original point.

Mr Scully said: “If you’re walking through the front door, that’s one thing.

“All I’m saying, and this is why I’m just really interested in the detail before I speculate, if you’ve got a lot of people in a place like No10.

“Where it is an odd situation, you’ve got a couple of flats in No10 and No11 and you’ve got a workplace…”

Mr Mair interrupted and said: “You’ve got an invitation to a party for a hundred people, you have Boris Johnson’s wife standing there drinking gin.

“And it takes him 25 minutes to work out it’s a party?”

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Mr Scully deflected the attack and said the Prime Minister did not see the email that was sent to staffers which perplexed Mr Mair.

The presenter asked whether Mr Johnson had considered the evidence “with his own eyes”.

Mr Scully said the garden was often used as a workplace and that people had been encouraging others to work outdoors because of the reduced risk of catching COVID-19.

The minister was then asked if he believed Mr Johnson had broken the law but he echoed the Prime Minister’s much-touted words during PMQs and said he would wait until the inquiry was complete.

Earlier in the interview, Mr Mair mocked the Conservatives by calling the Prime Minister “Captain Hindsight” for his apology.

The presenter was making reference to Mr Johnson’s often-used slur towards Sir Keir Starmer during Prime Minister’s Questions.

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Mr Johnson faced repeated calls to resign in the House of Commons after he made his first public appearance following the Downing Street email being leaked.

The email, sent to over 100 staffers, asked them if they wished to celebrate in the gardens of Downing Street and said they could “bring your own booze”.

Mr Johnson admitted he attended the gathering after days of speculation but said he would not make any further actions until the inquiry from civil servant Sue Grey was complete.

While opposition benches have called for him to step down, Mr Johnson has faced criticism from within his own ranks.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “I don’t want to be in this position, but I am in this position now, where I don’t think he can continue as leader of the Conservatives.”

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