‘He’s got to go!’ BBC QT audience blast Boris Johnson over ‘disgraceful’ No10 party

Boris Johnson ‘has to go’ says Question Time guest

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Four members of the BBC’s Question Time panel expressed their frustrations with Boris Johnson, 57, after it was revealed he had attended a party in the Number 10 garden last May. BBC host Fiona Bruce, 57, invited audience members to raise their hands and share their thoughts on ‘partygate’ during the first question on the broadcaster’s flagship political panellist programme.

The first man invited to speak opened by saying: “It’s disgraceful!”

He added: “I don’t even know how he can even claim that he didn’t know it was a party.

“I mean, he walked out into the gardens, there’s 40 people there with drinks in their hands.

“Did he not question that or think to himself, what’s going on here?”

Another man claimed he would have faced criminal action if he had hosted a similar event.

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He said: “If I’d thrown a party for 100 people in May 2020, I would have been arrested or very heavily fined.

“I think his position is completely untenable and I think he’s got to go.”

A third audience member was equally as unequivocal.

He said: “I think Boris Johnson needs to resign.

“I think any of us in any of our places of work, if we were to do what he’s done so far, I’m pretty sure we would have been sacked, and I don’t think his position is tenable at this stage.”

A female member of the audience concluded the segment by asking: “I wonder how often it is acceptable to drink wine at work?”

However, in a further blow to Mr Johnson, Ms Bruce asked Tory-voting audience members if they had changed their mind since the 2019 General Election.

Around seven hands shot up following Ms Bruce’s question.

Ex-Daily Mail journalist Isabel Oakeshott, 47, responded to the interaction by saying: “Wow, look at that.”

Mr Johnson is under increasing pressure from inside his own party to resign as Prime Minister.

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The Brexit-backing MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen, 57, became the fifth Tory MP to submit a letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson.

The news will come as a major blow to Mr Johnson given Mr Bridgen supported his leadership bid in the 2019 Tory Party leadership contest.

If 54 Conservative MPs submit letters to the chairman of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady, 54, then Mr Johnson will face a vote on his leadership of the Tory Party.

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