Full steam ahead on Brexit bonfire as Sunak slaps down delay demands

PMQs: Sunak shuts down Blackford over 'respecting result' of Brexit

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The Government is pressing ahead with plans to do away with remaining Brexit legislation, despite calls to push the plans back. The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill will see the Government repeal any Brussels legislation still on the UK statute book. It includes a 2023 sunset clause, meaning that ministers have until the end of next year to complete their review of the legislation.

There were demands to extend the deadline earlier this month, with senior civil servants asking the Government to delay the bonfire until 2026.

According to Bloomberg, officials across several government departments told ministers that deadline to remove about 4,000 pieces of EU-derived laws from the British statute book by Dec. 31, 2023 will be hard to meet, asking for a three-year delay.

But the Prime Minister’s spokesperson slapped down any suggestion of a delay, telling reporters that the “sunset clause is in that bill and there are no changes to that”.

Mr Sunak defended Brexit during Prime Minister’s Questions today telling MPs “Straightforwardly, I was proud to support Brexit, it was the right thing for this country.

“It allows us to, first of all, get control of our borders which is incredibly important.”

He added: “We’re also seizing the economic opportunities, deregulating and signing trade deals around the world, that’s how we’ll drive growth and prosperity.”

This came after the SNP’s Westminster Leader described Brexit as the “elephant in the room”, adding: “It is such a sad sight to watch this Prime Minister ram through a Bill that would rip up 4,000 pieces of European law – laws that protect workers’ rights, food standards and environmental protections.

“And it’s an even worse sight watching the leader of the Labour Party desperately trying to out-Brexit the Prime Minister.”

A poll conducted by Techne UK for Express.co.uk last week showed that 52 percent of people don’t think Mr Sunak’s Government is moving fast enough to implement the benefits of Brexit.

Just 32 percent believe the Government is moving quickly enough, while 16 percent said they don’t know.

Marco Longhi, a member of the Common Sense Group of Tory MPs, warned the people of the UK will “judge” the Conservative party based on its ability to deliver on Brexit.

He told Express.co.uk: “What we absolutely must do is to deliver on the benefits of Brexit.

“Huge swathes of this country voted for this Government because it believed in Brexit and we haven’t delivered on the benefits of Brexit.

“So whether it be making a bonfire of EU laws, whether it be NI, whether it be trade barriers or controlling our borders, this is what the people of this country will judge us by.

“Fiscal policy will come and go, the number of people paying tax can change year to year, but what cannot change is our promise to the people of this country under Brexit. The clock is ticking.”

Fresh fears the deadline could be pushed back were triggered last month following the discovery of 1,400 extra pieces of legislation on top of the 2,400 already known about.

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