From missiles to tanks: the weapons the UK is giving to Ukraine

Long-range missiles

The UK confirmed that it had supplied Ukraine with long-range missiles in May.

The Storm Shadow cruise missile has a range of over 250km (155 miles). It has the longest range of any missile available to Ukraine, and can strike targets previously believed to be safe by Russian forces. The UK was the first country to supply cruise missiles to Kyiv.


Britain also led the way in supplying Nato standard main battle tanks to Ukraine. In January the UK announced that 14 Challenger 2 tanks would be sent, alongside around 30 AS90 self-propelled guns. The Challenger 2 was built in the 1990s, but is significantly more advanced than Warsaw Pact standard tanks used by Ukraine.

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Hundreds of heavy-lifting drones and air defence missiles have been sent to Ukraine by the UK.

Rocket systems

The donation of M270 multiple-launch rocket systems with M31A1 precision munitions to Ukraine was confirmed in 2022. The UK’s M270 system is similar to the American Himars launchers.

Anti-tank weapons

The UK has sent more than 5,000 next-generation light anti-tank weapons, or Nlaw, to Ukraine. Nlaws are designed to destroy tanks at short range with a single shot.

Crucially for Ukraine’s armed forces who need weapons immediately, the missiles are easy to transport and simple to use. A soldier can be trained to use them in less than a day.

Short-range missiles

Maritime Brimstone missiles were also sent to Ukraine in 2022. Brimstones can be used against tanks, artillery and some smaller vessels such as landing craft, according to Capt Chris Carlson, formerly of the US Navy.

The missiles are normally fired from aircraft, but in Ukraine, they are being modified to be fired from trucks.

Armoured vehicles

Britain has donated at least 120 armoured vehicles to Ukraine, including Mastiff patrol vehicles. Mastiffs were very popular among British troops in Afghanistan as they provide a high level of protection against landmines and improvised explosive devices.

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