Farage slams Hunt’s ‘globalist coup’ to remove pro-Brexit ministers

Nigel Farage criticises Hunt’s ‘globalist coup'

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Nigel Farage accused Liz Truss’ new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, of orchestrating the resignation of Suella Braverman in a “globalist coup” to get rid of all the pro-Brexit ministers. The former Brexit leader warned Ms Braverman might only be the first in a series of upcoming resignation to cleanse the Government from the pro-Brexit supporters. 

He told GB News: “It was obvious from Friday, wasn’t it? Absolutely obvious of all the people that Liz Truss would have picked to become Chancellor, Hunt would have been at the very bottom of the list. 

“He wasn’t part of her circle. She’d appointed a cabinet of her own friends. Suddenly, there’s Jeremy Hunt. 

“Now, what you’re seeing today is the Hunt reshuffle.”

Mr Farage said: “People ask: ‘how long will Liz Truss last as prime Minister?’ 

“It doesn’t matter! Hunt now has total control over the country and what you’re witnessing – and I don’t like using this language because it puts me in the realm of the conspiracy theorists – this is a globalist coup. 

“You will see bit by bit leavers being kicked out of the cabinet.”

The former Brexit leader went on to say Suella Braverman committed “two terrible signs” in the eyes of what he calls the “globalists”.

“The first [being] she dared suggest that a trade deal with India should not involve open-door immigration. 

“But the second is far worse – far, far worse – we should leave the ECHR [European Court of Human Rights].

“That is not acceptable to the globalists in any way at all. They believe in open borders, they’re not bothered by fthe English Channel or any of that stuff.”

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The former Brexit leader added the justification being given for Suella Braverman’s resignation is only an “excuse”.

“And the excuse being given – or being briefed – she broke national security by sending a text to a mate.

“Forget it!”

Suella Braverman, a staunch Brexit supporter, said in her resignation letter she stepped down from her role as home secretary after sending an official document about migration policy from her personal email in a “technical infringement” of government rules.

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