Farage backs Trump after humiliating midterms

Donald Trump will run in 2024 predicts Nigel Farage

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The results of Tuesday’s votes continue to be counted but they already show a disappointing performance for the Grand Old Party (GOP) who expected a red tidal wave of support. Many Republicans across the US have started to blame former President Donald Trump for the failings of a number of Trump-backed candidates who lost to their opponents.

One of Trump’s largest allies, Fox News posted an article which quoted that Trump was the “biggest loser” in the midterms and has been “blasted across [the] media spectrum”.

The backlash from the Republican Party has put into doubt Trump’s announcement of a 2024 presidential run.

Speaking on GB News from Arizona, Farage noted that a Presidential run from DeSantis and Trump would be “a titanic battle”.

Ahead of the elections, the Former President warned DeSantis against running saying: “I don’t know if he is running. I think if he runs, he could hurt himself very badly.

“I don’t think it would be very good for the party”.

Trump added that an announcement from DeSantis would force him to reveal “things about him that won’t be very flattering”.

Mr Farage was asked on the GB News segment ‘Barrage the Farage’ if he would be backing DeSantis and if he would urge Trump supporters to do the same.

The former politician replied: “DeSantis has done a phenomenal job in Florida.

“Do I think Ron DeSantis has got the charisma? Do I think he’s got the reach-out for the more working-class voters?

“No, I don’t! I still think Trump has that.”

He added: “I do foresee a pretty titanic battle between the two of them, but it may not be unhealthy for the party to have that big open debate.”

Another question asked if the GB News presenter believed it was time for Trump to step aside given the backlash by figures in the GOP.

“No I’m not going to join in with that. These results weren’t all about party leaders,” he replied.

“If was all about if you approve of Joe Biden or not, then I think probably the Democrats would have lost every single race they took part in!”

Farage did admit that “it wasn’t a great night for Trump candidates” who’s losses jeopardised the GOP’s goal to regain a Congressional majority.

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Following the midterms, Mr Farage tweeted: “Tonight is a disappointment for the Republican Party. The polls were wrong, and the red wave is a ripple.”

Twitter users commented on the GB News clip, with one saying: “Ron DeSantis romped to victory.

“Of course he connects with the working class electorate. The proof is in the numbers!”

Another added: “Skin in the game. DeSantis is the one to get behind, let’s get real.”

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