Douglas Ross slams ‘tone deaf’ SNP for making ‘shambles’ of low emission zone

Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone for vehicles explained

Douglas Ross has hit out at the “shambolic mess” he said was created by the SNP via the “devastating” low emission zone scheme. 

A low emission zone came into force in Glasgow today. which is the first of four Scottish cities to be hit by the scheme. 

This will see some petrol and diesel vehicles hit with a penalty charge for driving inside the city limits.

Mr Ross said: “Today a Low Emission Zone came into force in Glasgow. It will prevent many vehicles from entering the city centre, and if a driver breaks the rules, they could face hefty fines into hundreds of pounds.”

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions in Holyrood, the MSP added: “As usual with the SNP, the problem with this policy is the delivery. There have been numerous warnings about the implementation from people and organisations across Scotland. SNP members are saying this is an exaggeration.”

“The delivery of this scheme has been tone deaf to the needs of the city and charities like Homeless Project Scotland.”

But Mr Yousaf accused the Scottish Conservative Leader of opposing the scheme “simply because the SNP proposes it”.

Mr Ross hit back: “I oppose it because the SNP makes a shambolic mess of every one of its schemes that they bring in.”

The First Minister said he is “very supportive” of the LEZ scheme, adding that “air pollution is a serious problem”.

He continued: “I go back to the point that there has been a considerable lead in time for the Glasgow LEZ coming into place and there has been extensive engagement.

“It’s fine for Douglas Ross to dish it out when he’s standing up but he can’t take it. Let me of course give Douglas Ross some of the facts around the LEZ in Glasgow. Not only has it had a lengthy and extended lead in time, there has of course been considerable engagement with businesses.”

Anyone with a petrol car registered before 2006 or a diesel car older than September 2015 will most likely be fined, although some exceptions exist.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will be monitoring the roads and will issue £60 fines to anyone who is not compliant.

Only one fine will be issued per day, no matter how many times they enter or leave the zone, with any fines being halved if paid within two weeks.

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