‘Don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for this’ Briton suffers ‘Brexit shame’ on trip abroad

Boris Johnson's demise was 'due to Brexit' says Rees-Mogg

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France has historically been one of the top holiday destinations for Britons. But according to Remainer Zoe Williams, Brexit has left Britons travelling to the continent ashamed of leaving the EU.

The Guardian columnist claimed she was looked at as an “endangered species” as she travelled to France with her family.

Blaming Britons’ decision to leave the EU, she claimed holidays had forever been ruined.

She wrote: “I probably ought to list a number of other factors, for balance, but sod it. It’s definitely Brexit: it somehow killed Anglo-French holiday cohabitation, which is why the four of us ended up the sole British family by a Tunisian beach, the only people for miles around who didn’t know whether Fanta was masculine or feminine, and were too thirsty to Google it.

“This is a bad new world: there’s nothing to be said for it.”

In a bitter blow to those who voted for the UK to be freed from EU’s shackles, she added: “I wanted to wear a badge saying: ‘Don’t look at me – I didn’t vote for this’, much like the one that my mum made me wear after the general election of 1983 (a weird statement: I was 10, so obviously).

“I wanted to act the internationalist ambassador by, I don’t know, maybe being able to play pétanque, or not getting sunburnt on the very first day, or knowing the intricate leg routine to Freed from Desire, which for some reason the French, who run their dancefloors like aerobics classes, can all do in sync.”

Her remarks come as travel chaos gripped roads around Dover and other crossings to the continent last month after schools broke up for the summer holidays.

The weekend of July 24-25 saw nearly 142,000 people travel through the port of Dover.

Freight and holiday traffic trying to find a way through to the Kent port flooded local roads, causing gridlock and disruption.

There was also a serial shortage of French staff, with just two border posts initially open.

A last-minute scramble to put extra staff took place in order to cope with demand.

France blamed Brexit for the hours-long delays.

Emmanuel Macron’s transport minister, Clement Beaune, said: “The French authorities are mobilised to control our borders and facilitate the traffic as much as possible.

“I discussed this constructively with my counterpart Grant Shapps.

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“But France is not responsible for Brexit.”

However, at the time, border officials were still carrying out individual checks for a Covid vaccination or a negative test.

Britain abandoned Covid travel requirements for international visitors in March.

Conservative MP John Redwood told Express.co.uk: “It’s French attitude.

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“If the French had wanted to welcome visitors in, they could have streamlined their border control.

“It was clearly people being held up by the way France polices her borders.

“There appears to have been excessive Covid paperwork.

“And we know there was a shortage of staff at the time.”

France finally dropped all Covid entry requirements this month.

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