‘Could not make it up!’ Farage savages Barnier’s Eurosceptic bid for French President

Nigel Farage and Ewan Roberts clash on migrants entering UK

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Nigel Farage, 57, savaged Michel Barnier, 70, during his slot on GB News on Thursday. The former Brexit Party and UKIP leader claimed Monsieur Barnier’s commitment to restore French sovereignty flew in the face of his attempts to subvert the referendum result as the EU’s chief negotiator.

Barnier, who rose to the political fore after organising the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, shocked his Brussels bloc colleagues by advocating for France to take back control of its laws and borders.

He said: “We must regain our legal sovereignty in order to no longer be subject to the judgement of the ECJ or the ECHR.”

“We will propose a referendum in September 2022 on the question of immigration.”

During Mr Farage’s GB News show, the prominent Brexit campaigner spoke frankly about his relationship with Barnier.

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“I’ve always said that Michel Barnier was unfailingly polite but very haughty,” he said.

“I had many conversations with him in his office, in the coffee room, debates in the parliamentary chamber.”

But Farage added: “He was always the High Priest of the European Union of the European project.

“He kept repeating time and again: ‘Even Farage can’t say that there was any benefit to Britain leaving the European Union’.

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“Well, I’d say to him it was freedom, democracy, the ability to make our own law.

“All of which he thought was valueless.”

Following Barnier’s announcement that he wants France to take back control of French laws and borders, Mr Farage said: “I mean can you believe it?

“Barnier – the man who did his utmost to stop Brexit, the man that stands rigid to attention when the European anthem is playing – now talks about the restoration of French sovereignty.

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“You really could not make it up.”

Unfortunately, for Brussels’ ex-Brexit negotiator, opinion polls from France suggest Barnier is unlikely to succeed President Emmanuel Macron in the Élysée Palace.

Barnier lags behind Macron and the National Rally’s Marine Le Pen in first round polling on just 13 percent.

In contrast, the incumbent President tops the poll with 25 percent support and Le Pen sits in a close second on 22 percent.

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